How does the pay-online option work?

Paying online through our encrypted website is the most convenient way to make a payment. All you have to do is set up your account and then to make a payment log in to your account each month and enter your payment amount. Many of our customers prefer to set up their account to pay automatically. Click here for more detailed instructions.

When are payments due?

Payments are due on the first of the month. After the 10 day grace period you will be charged a late fee if your payment has not been received by the manager or online.

When do you conduct auctions?

We have auctions once or twice a month, typically towards the end of the month. Speak with our managers for more information. If we have not received full payment within the guidelines established by law, then the unit will be subject to auction. Every effort is made to contact the owner of the unit prior to it being put up for auction. Even if we are unable to contact the owner a date will be set for the contents of the unit to be auctioned and a public notice will be sent out to announce the auction. It is important to keep your contact information with us current.

Can vehicles be stored on your property?

Yes! In addition to parking spaces, many of our locations have drive-up units where vehicles can be stored inside a unit. Contact the site manager of the location for availability and to see what steps should be taken to make sure your vehicle is stored properly for the amount of time you require.

When I sign a leasing agreement does that mean I have to keep the unit for a certain length of time?

Our leases are month-to-month so there is no long-term lease agreement. We ask for written notice at least 3 weeks prior to moving out. The only exception would be if there is a special promotion that requires you to say a certain number of months in order to receive a discount. Consult the manager of the facility for these options.

What do you recommend for locking the unit?

We do have locks for sale at each location, and we recommend you use the disc locks sold on site to provide maximum security, but you are welcome to use any pad lock you wish. To provide maximum security to you, you place your own lock on the unit.